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About Derrick Kinney

❌ I’m not: the “rah rah” 20-something Instagram influencer in skinny jeans who’s flat broke with not an ounce of common sense or business experience!

✅ I am: a bestselling author and top-rated podcast host with a few gray hairs and lots of real-life money and business success. 

✅ CNBC, FOX News, CNN, FOX Business, PBS and the Wall Street Journal have called on me for easy-to-understand money and business advice. 

✅ I’ve built and bought several businesses and recently sold one for a multi-million-dollar exit. 

✅ I am a former financial advisor who has helped thousands of clients achieve their financial goals. Forbes named me one of the top advisors in the country. 

✅ I’m a dad of four amazing kids and married to my beautiful wife Kara for 29 years.


Thank you Derrick for ALWAYS being a voice of reason! You make the show.

- FOX News Anchor Neil Cavuto

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We teach your teen the secret to being known, liked and trusted

Generosity opens doors for quality relationships and lets your teen make a difference in their local community and the world. What is a cause they care deeply about, a wrong they want to right, or an injustice that they see? It may be across the globe. It may be in their neighborhood.

I call it their Generosity Purpose. Successful people are generous people. We’ll teach your teen how to be a generous leader that people know, like and trust.


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