Teen Coaching for Money, Business, & Life Success Skills

The simple and proven plan for teens to become money and business smart, build trust with adults, and stand out for the best opportunities.

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93% of parents think high school doesn't prepare students for the real world.

Principals and teachers love your students. They just don’t have the time or resources to help in the way they want. So we teach your teen the money, business, and life skills they aren’t learning in school.


Preparing Your Teen for Adult Life Isn’t Easy

You shouldn’t have to worry about them…

Struggling to have confident conversations with adults

Not knowing how to make and manage money, and start their own business

Being overlooked for opportunities because they don’t stand out

That leads to sleepless nights for parents. We don’t want that for you. Simple Teen Success gives parents confidence and peace of mind.

How the Live Online Events work

A Fun Community Where Teens Feel Valued and Important

At each Live Online Event, your teen will be surrounded by other high-achieving and motivated teens. It’s like having your own hype crew to cheer you on and celebrate your wins!

Live Online Events are every other Tuesday night from 8pm-8:45pm central time. For teens that can’t make it–they simply watch the re-play anytime!


Influential Special Guests!

We bring on seriously cool people. Your teens get access to top musicians, business leaders, best-selling authors, and influencers. (Guests that are so interesting, we catch parents secretly listening in the background.) They share their failures and successes so teens see they are real people, just like them. Plus they answer teen questions-live!


Fun Gift Card Giveaways and Contests!

Teens love gift card giveaways and contests! (A guaranteed way to keep them engaged) When they participate, they can win big! This past Live Online Event, we gave away a $15 Chipotle gift card, $15 Chick-fil-A gift card, and $20 VISA gift card.


We Make Learning Simple and Super Encouraging

Teens get to fill in a downloadable PDF that dramatically increases learning and retention.

Plus we send weekly motivational texts and success tips straight to your teen’s phone. (Because we’re cool like that.)

Meet Your Teen’s Success Guide 

Popular Money & Business Expert for Parents & Teens

Derrick Kinney isn’t your typical teen coach. He’s a money and business expert with a track record of success of building, buying, and exiting businesses in multi-million dollar deals. 

And he didn’t just read about it in a “Business for Dummies” book; he lived it! He’s also a best-selling author of Good Money Revolution and host of the top-rated Good Money Podcast, bringing financial wisdom and business advice directly to teens and their parents.

With 4 kids of his own, Derrick knows that every teen is unique and requires personalized guidance and support to truly thrive. Derrick is committed to helping teens unlock their full potential, equipping them with the money, business, and life skills they need to succeed.

Meet Derrick

Derrick has been seen on

We tell your teen what you want them to know because they don’t always listen to you (I’m a Dad… I understand)

Here's a sample of the good stuff they will learn…

Life Skills

  • 3 simple tips to build trust with your parents and other adults
  • How to manage emotions: because sometimes life is just... a lot.
  • 7 habits of rich people you should copy today

Money Skills

  • 5 easy steps to set up a winning investment portfolio
  • How to make money while you sleep (yes, it’s a thing)
  • 3 tips to build your self-worth and net worth

Business Skills

  • How to get successful people to want to help you
  • 3 steps to start a small business (while you’re in high school)
  • 4 tips to manage digital distraction so you reach your goals

Busy parents trust us. You can too.

Lots of parents want to prepare their teen for adult life, but they don't have enough time or aren’t sure how to teach them important life skills. 

This is exactly why Simple Teen Success exists. If you’re a super busy parent, you can trust us to help teach your teen important skills so they’re ready for whatever the future holds


Your Teen Doesn’t Need Another Lecturer. They Want a Relatable Mentor.

Teens aren’t looking for more adults to just give them lectures or boss them around. 

They want a mentor and coach who can relate to them, understand their challenges, and offer solid advice as they figure out their teen years.


Your teen deserves to stand out for internships and college applications!

Scientific research confirms that teens need to hear a concept 7 times to understand it. The more semesters your teen participates in, the more they learn, do, and succeed–the more they standout.

The program goes all the way through high school. Teens can join anytime in their high school journey. (Warning: Most teens tell us they don’t want it to end.)


What’s included in your Simple Teen Success membership?

For teens

10 Live Online Events Each Semester (4 Months)

Your teen connects with other teens in real time to share ideas and learn from some seriously cool special guests.

Lots of Contests & Gift Card Giveaways

When teens participate, they win big!

Skills NOT Taught in School

We teach your teen how to master small talk, start a business in high school, and get adults to trust you, and so much more. (Skills so useful, even adults are trying to get in on the action!).

Interactive Learning

Teens fill in a downloadable PDF that dramatically increases learning and retention.

Ongoing Motivational Texts

Weekly recaps and success tips sent straight to your teen’s phone.

For parents

Weekly Wisdom in Your Inbox

Forget boring updates! Get the inside scoop on what your teen is learning so you can help your teen grow (without needing a translator).

Practical Ways to Connect With Your Teen

We send you success tips that are short, sweet, and actually useful. It's like having a teen whisperer in your pocket!


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  • Fun contests and giveaways!
  • Great guests
  • Practical life skills texted to them
  • Our Simple Teen Success community

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  • Engaging 45-minute Live Online Events
  • Fun contests and giveaways!
  • Great guests
  • Practical life skills texted to them
  • Our Simple Teen Success community

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Will your teen actually enjoy this? Yes, yes they will.

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